6 Best Laptop Under 60000 In India 2020 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews!

Laptops have become almost a necessity when we all are on the constant move. Gadgets are getting portable day by day, and you’ve devices like smartwatches on your palm, but none can counter the performance and utility of a laptop. Laptops have multiple-dimensions, and they have quite a range when it comes to tasks they can perform. If you also need the Best Laptop Under 60000, keep reading.

Whether you’re a gamer, designer, working professional, coder, student, architect, and any job which requires technical assistance, the laptop is a worthy companion for you. Laptops have thousands of variants, and it may get confusing which one to choose from such exciting choices.

Well, don’t worry, as today we are going to discuss what to look for in a laptop and also provide you with a detailed description of the best laptops under 60000.

Best Laptop Under 60000

Tips To Follow To Know Your Perfect Laptop

First of all your decide your requirement accordingly and then stick to that requirement.

• Now you’ve got the main thing cleared up, and you should determine a budget. Most of the mid to high-performance laptops in India come under 60,000.

• Then, with the combination of both aspects, compare all the brands that fall under your considerations.

• You can also follow a top laptop guide like us to get the best market options compared to the same place and knowing their pros and cons.

• You should give priority to options like processor, graphic support, battery life, and display.

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6 Best Laptop Under 60000 In India 2020

Let’s Look at the Top Options for the Best Laptop Under 60000 in India 2020

1 Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3i

Lenovo Ideapad series has impressed users all around the whole world. Ideapad laptops are the best partners for students and working professionals. There are two storage options available for all your massive data, which are 1TB HDD and 1TB HDD plus 256GB SSD. As the name suggests, it is one of the slimmest laptops from Lenovo. The shiny colour design and sleek body of Slim 3i are sure to add style to your life. From design to its performance, it has an advanced intel 10th gen processor with an i5 variant and an 8GB RAM. So whether you’re performing gaming all-nighter or making those designs for office, this laptop is not going to fall behind.

Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3i Intel Core i5 10th Gen 15.6 FHD Thin and Light Laptop

The display shows colour much vibrantly with new household technology. The screen will also not strain your eyes while you’re working on those long assignments as it comes with anti-glare tech. Even if we get a bit more technical, the processor can clock up to 3.6 GHz max speed for an exceptionally smooth performance. Lenovo claims fiver hours excellent battery life to get you through daily tasks.


For students, this laptop would prove to be a great option as it comes with Windows 10 and MS office student edition pre-installed.

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2 Mi Notebook Horizon Edition 14

Mi has a reputation for causing a stir in the market with its products. The New Mi notebook horizon is also such a competitive laptop that stands tall with other prominent brands. First, let’s talk about the display, which is quite bright for this price point and shows a vast range of colours.  Also, the screen is slim and has a 91% body ratio. Now coming to its performance, there is no compromise from Mi here with the best in the segment Core i7-10510U 10th Gen processor ensuring seamless heavy usage. The laptop is also ultra-thin and has a matte finish. Now when you’re carrying this accessory around, people are bound to get impressed just by looking at it.

Mi Notebook Horizon Edition Laptop

It also comes with a powerful 65W charger that will charge your battery quickly, and it lasts up to claimed 10 hours after a full charge. Now coming to a distinct feature, it has a detachable webcam for video conferences and calls. Because of Being removable, this webcam doesn’t interfere with the whole screen experience and provides 720P video quality. The CPU has four cores that can clock up to a 4.9Ghz max speed. In short, this laptop for its display and processor is an excellent laptop for gamers and graphic designers.


Nvidia MX350 2GB Graphics card gives a boost to gaming plus media and makes this contender for  Best Laptop Under 60000 with I7 Processor.

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3 Dell Inspiron 3493

Dell inspires the market with its innovations, and the Dell Inspiron series is no different. Dell laptops aim for consumer satisfaction. With this vision in mind, Dell Inspiron 3493 has an excellent FHD+ display to impress anyone who just takes a look at it. This laptop would be great for corporates as it has unique palm space and one of the most appropriately placed keyboards. The Exterior has a metal-like premium finish, and the Intel 10th Gen i5 processor delivers better efficiency. You get an 8GB RAM and 1TB HDD storage.

Dell Inspiron 3493 14-inch FHD Laptop

This laptop has something for everyone because of its excellent tactic feel, bright display, and support in typing tasks. There are small bits to make this device multi-dimensional such as SD card slot, Dell mobile connect app and integrated graphics. Especially the mobile connects app can transfer all your notifications and messages from your phone to the laptop.


It is one of the Best Dell Laptop Under 60000 and suitable for every profession.

4 ASUS VivoBook S14

Something which resembles the term ‘Ultra-Thin’ ideally is Asus VivoBook S14. This laptop is perfect for working corporates with being superbly lightweight, weighing less than 1400 grams, and looking marvelously stylish. Asus has a reputation for making the best gaming devices with their ROG series, but here with the VivoBook, they offer the best professional experience. Let’s talk about all its highlights. First of all, the brilliant colour variants, then the compact size, and above that, a masterclass performance.

ASUS VivoBook Laptop

It has 8th gen Intel core i5 processor and 8GB RAM for superb performance. It also has fast-charging support, which can charge a low battery to 60% in just 40 to 50 minutes. With facial recognition and new WiFi 6, this is one of the most advanced laptops under 60000.


The design of this laptop is unlike any others in this segment, and you can tag it as the Best Laptop Under 60000 in India 2020.

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5 HP HP 15 15s-du2040tu

If you’re someone who is always in a rush and need a laptop to complement your lifestyle, then the HP 15 is it. This laptop is compact and easily manageable with an on-the-go lifestyle. The color variants have a natural metallic finish, and the body is quite sturdy. It may be one of the most durable laptops in this list. It has an intel core i5 processor for Apt performance and Intel UHD graphics to support an entertaining media experience. You can easily surf the web, stream media, and complete all your professional tasks on it.

HP Laptop

It has a 1TB hard drive with a clocking speed of 5400 RPM. You get windows 10 home edition pre-installed for added charm. This laptop is robust and tremendous for everyday chores.


It is one of the Best Hp Laptop Under 60000 with such design and endurance. Also, a good battery backup adds to its quality.

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6 DELL Inspiron 3593

Dell Inspiron series is excellent in terms of innovation, new tech, and attractive looks. The Inspiron 3593 is something different on its own. The aesthetic masterpiece of a notebook, this laptop is quite an improvement from previous generations. The tactic keyboard, superb touchpad, and responsiveness all around make this laptop great for millennials. You get an impressive 15.6-inch ultra-rich display to present all the colours wonderfully.

Best Laptop Under 60000 In India

Then if we move on to hardware and integrations, it has the Intel 10th gen core i5 processor with an 8GB DDR4 RAM. This combination is rated best for everyone looking to buy a new laptop as this will provide paced performance for beginners and a balance for tech experts. You also get a claimed 7 hours of battery backup, enough to complete most heavy-duty tasks. At last, there is a lovely surprise for everyone because this laptop comes with 15 months of McAfee anti-virus support and a trail edition of MS-Office.


This laptop, with integrations like pre-installed Windows 10 and anti-virus and for its sound design and shiny looks, is best for beginners.

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When all has been said and done, an obvious question is the user’s mind would be that which is the best laptop under 60,000. The answer to this depends on your requirements and budget. We have given you tips to choose the most suitable laptop for you. By our guide and comparison between the laptops, you can easily select a perfect option among them.

In our verdict, we crown Mi Notebook Horizon Edition 14  as the Best I7 Laptop Under 60000 that you can buy right now. Also, there are plenty of other laptops available, but the thing to keep in mind is the information you’ve obtained from our descriptions.

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