How to take a Screenshot on HP Laptop?

How to take a Screenshot on HP Laptop: Have You Ever Wondered why we always tend to browse social media more on our cell phones than laptops? One of the main reasons is the convenience and the convenience of taking easy screenshots whenever you like. And this phenomenon arises due to many people not knowing how to take a screenshot on laptops or specifically on their HP laptops. So here is a quick and easy guide tell you how to take a screenshot on your HP laptop or other windows operated laptops.

The Path Which Is most taken:- (because it’s easy of course)

How to Take a Screenshot on a Laptop

1.Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Many modern systems have pre instilled shortcut keys on their keyboards such as “print screen” commands ‘prt scr‘ keys or such. These take a current Screenshot of the entire screen on your Laptop, or if you use ‘alt’ key with it, you’ll take an active window Screenshot.

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2.Using System Tools

Windows 7 or 10 operated laptops now come with specific screen cutter or sniping tools for just this Purpose – taking a screen picture or mainly saving a part of an active window as an image i.e., Screenshot.

These tools are mostly much reliant, quick, easy, and primarily pre-installed, so not much of a threat to Security either. A popular example of this tool is the ‘snipping tool.’

How to Screenshot on HP Laptop

How to take a screenshot on a laptop or windows 7 or windows 10 OS  using this method-

1. Go to the Windows search box and search for the’ ‘snipping tool’ by typing in the search bar.

2. Now click on the snipping tool and in it go to New feature to take a new screenshot.

3. The cursor will change into a crosshair, now put this where you want to start your Screenshot and drag this crosshair up to where your Screenshot would end.

(if you want to exit you can always use ‘Esc’ key or press cancel)

4. After deciding the area, click on the ‘save snip’ option to save this Screenshot.

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3.Third-Party Apps:-

Some systems which don’t have the luxury of pre-installed keyboard shortcuts or system tools, for Such systems the world of tech have Screenshot taking third party apps. You have to install these Specific apps into your Laptop to start taking those screenshots. These Have A similar method as snip Tools and can be downloaded from respective app stores. These have a specialty of also providing image And video editing on hand along with screen recording.


1 Download and run a third-party app as snap it, Snagit, or such.

2 Run and sign in into the program and click on the ‘capture’ option.

3 Move the cursor now turned to a pointer to the point where your Screenshot will start and drag up to Where it’ll end. You can also decide the capture area by the ‘autoselect’ option and after selecting click on the left mouse button to Capture the Screenshot and click on the save button or camera icon to save it.

Hence these are the most popular methods to take screenshots on Your laptops or Windows devices.

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Answered FAQs

1. How to Take Screenshot on HP Laptops?

HP laptops and tablets come with either Windows or Android. So you can screenshot by holding down the power and the volume down button together for 2 seconds. The screen will show a flash, and your Screenshot will be taken.

Windows 8 and 10 HP laptops may use windows key+ print scr for custom screenshots.

2. How to Take a Screenshot on Windows 10 or Windows 7 PCs and Laptops?

You can take a screenshot by Using the print screen keyboard shortcut if your system has it or using screen cutting tools Or third party apps for windows like ‘Snagit.’

3. How do I Take a Screenshot on My HP Laptop without the ‘Print Screen’ key?

Whether your system will have a screenshot taking tool or you can use third-party apps.

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