Why is my laptop so slow how to make laptop faster – here are the few things to do!

Have you ever remember the feeling of working on your new laptop? Ultimately it gives the pleasure of working with no lags, no freezes, no slowness, and no hang as everything inside and outside are new and just perfect. Though we thought of not downloading or install any video games or large files on to it, as days go, we slowly start to do things into the laptop. Thus over time, it started getting accumulating many files and programs due to regular usage.

Why is my laptop so slow?

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Whether it occurs suddenly or gradually over time, working with a slow or sluggish laptop is a frustrating part. Though your work on these laptops is fair and well maintained, it is shocking to see things getting slow as the months go.

Does everyone wonder why my laptop is so slow? And the reason might be due to downloading many programs, creating files and documents, extensions installations, loading the computer or laptop with movies and music, which will eventually build up virtual detritus that can impact on the performance of the computer. So if you have a question of how to speed up a laptop or how to make my computer faster to work, here are a few reasons for the slow of your laptop. We are also providing a few simple measures to slow computer fix.

How to make laptop faster?

In general, when laptops are working at a slow pace, it doesn’t mean that it needs replacement, and all this is due to the collection of tons of programs and files piled up. The parts and other applications, software updates will be demanded by the laptop before you rush to the center for repairing it.

Here are a few ways to answer how to make my laptop faster.

Add a Solid-state drive

To your slow working laptop, adding an SSD is the best hardware change that you can do at home. It might help you to work faster by booting up the laptop and launching apps. These days’ laptops are coming up with in-built SSDs, but they don’t function during the slow down.

Upgrading RAM of your laptop

In the present scenario and for loading massive files into your laptop, you need to have a minimum of 8GB of RAM for faster speed. It is advisable to buy the laptop with higher memory, which the manufacturers are made in-built along with the motherboard, and thus making it difficult to add more to it in the future. While there are many laptops, have the option of opening up and add some cheap RAM to it to make the laptop work faster when compared to its previous version.

Need to update your startup programs

In general, anything that is running at the background while you are working on the screen might end up slow up your laptop’s performance speed; this might sometimes slow your computer’s boot up time. These can be turned off quickly to allow the laptop to work faster.

Remove or uninstall unused programs.

Unused programs or unwanted movies stored for a longer time might take up massive storage in your laptop ends up slowing down the hardware. These occupy massive space in the hard drive and such resources from the CPU. The best way to make your laptop work faster is to take some time in deleting these files and programs, which eventually speed up the processing power of the computer.

Regularly run a malware scan

As we are all working online on the internet, there are high chances of malware and virus infecting the computer. This will slow down the process of the CPU intentionally and eventually leads to corrupting the files. So regular updating and running the malware software and scanning might prevent something malicious that will slow the laptop.

Update your OS, drivers and other applications

Keeping and maintaining the software and applications up to date is a good idea for keeping your laptop safe and secure. This will help the computer to perform better and at regular speed. When you find the update available, the software will intimate you by sending you a notification for the update. All you need to do is just to turn off your laptop for the update. IF you think you missed any updates, you can always do so by checking in windows updates part of the computer.

Delete unwanted files

It is necessary to delete unwanted programs and files on the computer, which have been stored for over extended time. Just like our house storing junk and unwanted things in our closets and drawers, our computers also get clogged with garbage. Though you might not use them over long periods, your computer might still have them at the back, such as high-resolution images, files, movies, etc.

Just take some time to free up some space by deleting the files and folders every month or week, and emptying the recycling bin occasionally. Doing this will help you to make your laptop work faster and be cautious you don’t delete the needed files mistakenly.


How do you fix a slow laptop?

You can fix a slow laptop by keeping your software up to date by doing disk cleaning to free up some space, which can improve the CPU performance, delete unwanted files and folders, and by disabling unwanted programs during the starting up of the computer. 

How do you check what is slowing down my laptop?

There might be two reasons for slowing down the laptop. IT might be software or hard drive corruption that might lead to the slow down of the computer. Other reasons for the slow-down of the laptop is not having enough RAM and merely running out of hard drive space.

How do I fix a slow Windows 10 laptop?

Here are some of the tips to fix a slow Windows 10 laptop. Check your virus updates very often, enable fast startup process by deleting unwanted files, Defrag hard drive, keep your software updated, and drivers installed, stop windows module installer service which might lead to slow down your laptop, upgrade your system to a new SSD, delete unwanted files and recycling bin.

How do I fix a slow HP laptop?

There are many reasons why your HP laptop goes slow after a few years. Here are some ideas, including too many startup programs, gaps in between the reboot programs, contains too many backup programs on your laptop. There are also hard drive problems that need to be fixed to speed up your computer, such as cleaning memory space, defragmentation of hard drive, no space anymore in your laptop for storage.

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